Fantastic Nutrition Shipping Policy

How Are Orders Shipped? 

Most Orders are shipped via UPS or US Postal Service. Standard Shipping Is "Ground Shipping". We typically choose the service based upon cost and days for delivery. If stock on hand of the product you ordered is limited; we may choose to ship from our inventory.


How Long Does It Take To Ship My Order? 

Most orders that are received during normal business hours ship within 24 hours. We try to get orders shipped the same day when received by 2:00pm. Orders received Friday after 2:00pm and Saturday, Sunday or on Holidays will ship the next business day. 


Standard or Expedited Shipping?

Standard: Expect to receive your order in 5-7 business days.

Expedited: Your order typically arrives in 2-3 business days. Depending on your location this may or may not require fees for Second Day service. If you pay for faster service and it is not required we will refund the difference.

Business days refer to Monday - Friday and therefore does not include Saturday, Sunday, or Holidays.


Where is My Order?

Once you place your order you will receive an “Order Confirmation” email from us. This email will contain all order details, including order number, shipping address, billing address, and an itemized list of all products ordered.

Once your order has shipped from our fulfillment center, you will then receive a “Shipping Confirmation” email from us.

If you forget which shipping method you selected you can find this information in your Order Confirmation email which is sent immediately after you placed the order.


Do You Ship To My Country?

We currently ship all products within the U.S. There may be additional charges for orders shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.  

For shipments to other countries please contact our customer service department at to see if service is available and what the costs for shipping and duties would be. 


Where Do I enter Customer Discount Codes?

If you have a discount code as a first time customer, or for a promotion, you will need to enter it on the right hand side of the page where you enter your name, address and contact information (1st page of checkout.). 

On the upper right-hand side of the page, you will see the form below that says “Discount code” and the button that says “Apply.”

Just enter your discount code in the box and click the “Apply” button. If you do not click the "Apply" button you will not receive your discount. If your discount code has expired or is no longer available the code will not be accepted when you click on Apply.


Can I Change My Order or Shipping Address?

Our fulfillment team strives to get your order shipped to you fast. Same day order processing is our goal and orders placed right before the 2pm cut off time may be hard to change.  

You can edit/update/remove items before completing your order. After this point, changes may not be not possible as the order information has already been sent to the warehouse. To see if it is possible to update your order please call us at 866-9986764 as soon as possible.

If you entered an incorrect shipping address you will be responsible for contacting  the shipping carrier (UPS or USPS) to correct the delivery address. If the shipping address can not be changed, please contact the resident at the address shipped to and attempt to receive your order. 

If you entered an address that does not exist, the order will make its way back to our fulfillment center. This often takes 2-3 weeks. Upon receiving, our Fulfillment Team can then redirect your order to your correct address or process your refund.

Fantastic Nutrition is not liable for any losses incurred if the customer has provided any incorrect details for their order. Fantastic Nutrition reserves the right to not issue a refund for product costs on orders never received, as a result of the incorrect details provided or theft. Proof of delivery is available on most UPS or USPS shipments. 


My Credit Card Was Charged More than Once for One Order! 

If you tried to place an order and had an issue/received an error message such as the wrong CVV code or wrong billing address and then placed a another order with the correct information, your credit card summary may show multiple authorizations.

These multiple "authorizations" are not actual charges and will be refunded back to your account usually within 72 hours by the credit card company. 


According To The Tracking Number My Order Was Delivered But I Have Not Received It. 

Before contacting us we recommend waiting 1 business day. Sometimes the packages do not get off the truck the way they should. Some packages may be delivered to your door or a central mailbox in some neighborhoods. In apartment complexes check where you would normally receive UPS or USPS packages. 

Often times the shipping carrier will try to place the delivery out of plane view to deter theft. If your order has not shown up with one business after the scheduled delivery please contact our customer service team at or call us during normal business hours (M-F 9am-5pm) and will do out best to assist you further. 

Also note that especially during holiday times, shippers may show a package as delivered a few hours or day before it actually arrives.


My Order Wasn't Processed.

If you have not received an order conformation email there may be a problem with your order please contact us at 1-866-998-6764 or via email at If we have had problems processing your credit card we will attempt to contact you via email or telephone. If you have not entered correct phone or email information and we can not reach you, we will assume the order is fraud and to protect the credit card owner we will not charge the card or ship the order. 

For any other questions please contact customer service at 866-998-6764 or via email at or reach us at Contact Us

Thank you for being our customer!