Grass-Fed Protein Powder and Health Supplements for a Healthier You

Fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to thrive with our high-quality, grass-fed whey protein powder and health supplements.

Live Fantastic With Our Whey Protein Powders & Supplements

Superior Quality Grass Fed Whey Protein Powders

Complete whey protein powder with all 9 essential amino acids

Supports muscle growth and repair

Boosts energy and endurance

Promotes satiety and weight loss

Supports a healthy immune system

2.3lb quantities and 5lb protein powder quantities

Available in unflavored, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavors!

Health Supplements

Our all natural gummies and collagen peptides offer additional health benefits including:

Vitamins and minerals

Herbal extracts

Sports nutrition supplements

Boosts mental clarity

Reduced stress

Improved sleep

New From Fantastic Nutrition

New Grass Fed Whey Protein Environmentally Friendly Packaging
New Package, Improved Taste!

Whey Fantastic - New Packaging - New Sizes

Save Money on New 90 Serving Pouches
Bioactive Collagen Peptides

Save Money on New 90 Serving Pouches

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies
120 Delicious Natural Gummies

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

Staying Healthy, Active, and Fit ...

Takes effort and desire. Eating right is a part of your winning formula. Our products are designed to provide a nutritional advantage to help you achieve your active lifestyle goals with less effort, naturally!

Why Fantastic Nutrition?

We pride ourselves on creating premium quality, all natural, nutrition products that are not only delicious – but also free from added sugars, gluten, GMOs or soy. 

We use only the highest quality ingredients, including grass-fed protein powder that is sourced from sustainable farms.

Our products are free from artificial sweeteners, flavors, and fillers.

We offer a wide range of protein powders and supplements to choose from, so you can find the perfect ones to meet your health and nutritional goals.

We offer a 100-Day Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our whey protein powders and supplements.

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