Healthy "Snickers" Whey Protein Smoothie

Healthy "Snickers" Whey Protein Smoothie

Mar 29, 2023Mike Walls

Sometimes we all crave a little something sweet. This recipe will satiate your sweet tooth without giving you a sugar overdose. This recipe is a blend of   Chocolate Whey Protein with dates, almond milk and bananas. Benefits of dates are that they are high in fiber, may promote brain health, natural labor, excellent sweeteners and other potential health benefits. Plus, bananas are full of nutrients like potassium, magnesium, carbs. These fruits combined with our delicious Chocolate Whey, make for a delicious post-workout smoothie. 

Our Chocolate Whey can help curb hunger, weight management, improving immune function, helping with muscle loss as you age and of course, exercise recovery. Many of our customers love that our products are non-denatured, meaning the whey proteins in our Whey Fantastic products are thoroughly processed and avoid denaturing to preserve the quality of the proteins.


Healthy “Snickers” Protein Recipe Details: 
2 Scoops Chocolate Whey Fantastic
2 Dates 
8 oz Almond Milk
1 table spoon Almond Butter 
1 Frozen Banana
Optional, 1 teaspoon blanched almonds, 4 ice cubes 
Add Almond Milk to Blender then add other ingredients. Put the lid on.  Mix for 15 - 30 seconds until smooth and dates are mixed in well. Enjoy! 

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