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5 minute Protein Oatmeal Recipe

Jan 25, 2023Mike Walls
This easy healthy oatmeal recipe can be made with several of our protein options. We suggest using our Whey Fantastic either in Unflavored or Chocolate.
Our Whey Fantastic has many 5 Star reviews on Amazon and is completely natural and hormone-free. Our protein is a unique blend of grass-fed whey protein meant for people who work out in order to build lean muscle, manage their weight, lead a healthy lifestyle and gain results. 
This easy protein recipe is full of chia seeds, which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, rich antioxidants and provide fiber, iron and calcium. Omega-3 fatty acids help raise the good cholesterol in your body that protects against heart attacks and stroke. We also suggest adding almonds for additional fiber, protein and healthy fats. 
Recipe Ingredients: 
½ Cup Oats
Spoonful of peanut or almond butter
Handful of almonds 
Spoonful of Chia Seeds 
1 Scoop (15g) of Unflavored Whey Fantastic Protein 
*Can substitute 1 Scoop (19g) of Chocolate Whey  
Cook ½ Oats with 1 approximately 1 cup water until oats become soft (after 3-4 minutes.). Next, drain oats and turn your stove to low. Slowly add in ½ scoop of Whey Fantastic Protein, almond butter, almonds, chia seeds and cranberries. Feel free to add honey or stevia to add a little healthy sweetness!

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